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PFP   Patricia Flaherty Pagan grew up in Red Sox Nation but has lived in four countries. She thought getting her MFA in creative writing was hard, until she tried adopting two Indonesian street cats. She writes award-winning mystery and literary short stories and novellas. Trail Ways Pilgrims: Stories, her collection featuring literary and mystery tales, was published in March 2015. Her mystery fiction has appeared in Eve’s Requiem: Tales of Women, Mystery and Horror and Spry, among others. Her literary short stories and flash fiction have been published in various journals and included in anthologies such as Our Space and Tides of Impossibility. She edited Up, Do: Flash Fiction by Women Writers. She still likes Blondie and The Pretenders.

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My Reward: Connecting With Talented Authors

Last weekend I was fortunate to represent Spider Road Press at the Small Press Panel at the fun & fantastical Comicpalooza here in Houston. We discussed how small presses help authors & what authors can realistically expect from them. As we discussed how we came to found or connect to the small press in our […]

Guest Blog: Birth of An Intriguing Novel

Spy novels? Aren’t they a bit macho? Until recently, that’s what I would have said if a woman writer told me she was excited about writing a novel about espionage. I would have thought of male characters and car chases. I would’ve noted the loyal male readers (like my dad). I would have argued that […]

This Writing Mom Writes A Poem

I respect all women who write. But, before my adoption leave, I confess I didn’t really uderstand the communities, blogs, and social media groups about Moms Who Write. “Being a mom who writes must be hard,” I thought, “but being a teacher of kids who writes is hard, being a nurse who writes is hard-writing […]