Crafting Stronger Women:

A Writing and Revising Workshop

Thursday, August 6th, 2020

7 pm-9 pm Central Time, Via Zoom 

Get ready to write and revise unique fiction featuring complex, female-identifying characters! Don’t miss this exciting, generative virtual workshop with award-winning authors Jae Mazer & myself. This class will be held via Zoom. Canadian students welcome. The maximum number of students is 10. One scholarship will be offered to an American writer of color. For more information and registration:

Speaking and Teaching:

If you’d like me to speak or teach to your organization, conference  or book group , email me at I am available for virtual events. An experienced instructor, I love talking to other writers and working with them to generate new fiction and poetry. My specialities include writing stronger female characters, writing rich short fiction, how to win writing contests, and helping niche presses thrive.


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