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Patricia Flaherty Pagan

Writer of karma fiction in which bad things happen to bad people

Blessings of Book Release Month

The release month push for my ecollection, Trail Ways Pilgrims: Stories soon rumbles to a close. I hoped, I rejoiced, I worried, I focus-grouped, I advertised, I strategized, I thanked, I prayed, I pleaded, I danced, I worried more. I even faced down the rat hole of my “earnings” during tax time and agreed to price the collection at 99 cents for the first month (ending on 4/11). I desperately wanted to help readers find my characters and to love, or despise, them as much as I do. But now, like fidgety kids on a blue rug in kindergarten, my stories need to make their own friends.

Now is the time to thank the universe for the blessings that got me through the intensity of the release month juggernaut (in no particular order):

-My family. They listened to me ramble about the fellow travelers and events that inspired the stories. Over the years, they read drafts of the stories and made a suggestion or two. They considered and reconsidered eBook covers I didn’t end up using. And then, God bless ‘em, they actually helped me promote my eBook. That’s love. (A special thanks to my mother-in-law Julia, who always cheers me on, even though genetics didn’t leave her stuck with me.)
-My beta readers and advance review angels. There’s chocolate fondue in the next life for the busy, wise folks who provide smart suggestions and honest reviews. In a timely manner, no less! You’ve earned your heavenly marshmallows and chocolate.
-Stevie Wonder and the guys from UB40. It’s easier not to stress about Amazon sales when you’re jamming out.
-The wisest critique circle in Texas. Y’all make killing my darling almost fun.
-My readers, possible readers, eBook shop browsers, and word geeks everywhere. Your consideration of my stories means more than you know. Seriously. Mumsie always said that what comes around goes around, so hopefully I can support a professional or a charity that matters to you someday.
-My teachers from Goddard: the writers of Kilpatrick, Jeanne Mackin, Susan Kim,
Jan Clausen and the Pitkin Review crowd. “Trusting The Process” bloody sucks, but, to my annoyance, it works.
-Pudding. Enough said.
-Writers who share the spotlight, read each other’s work and cross-promote. “Cross-promotion” looks and sounds like a word, but really it’s a magic elixir.
-The genre-writing powerhouses dubbed The Women of Mystery and stewards of the HWG. (See above.)
-Poorly behaved cats. When your orange and white, bobtailed cat falls asleep on your keyboard, it keeps your ego in check.
-The generous teachers of my unofficial book-marketing-by-fire course: Pamela, Eric and Nicole at Houston’s thriving SkipJack publishing.
-Anne Lamott, for writing about ignoring the negativity on “radio station KFKD.” Crucial to know that other writers share your crazy.
-The improbable rosebushes by the garage. I never remember to water them, but somehow, on the strength of last month’s handful of Miracle-Gro and a generous helping of grace, they bloom.

The introductory sale price of 99 cents for my ecollection Trail Ways Pilgrims: Stories, currently offered for Kindle readers on, and for tablet and Nook readers on, ends on 4/11/15.