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Patricia Flaherty Pagan

dark Fiction & Poetry 

Exclusive Collection Celebrates Diverse Voices

This exclusive collection features poetry and art by 28 talent women.
This exclusive collection features poetry and art by 28 talented women.

I am thrilled to announce the upcoming publication of a unique, diverse collection of poetry and art by women from all over the world, In the Questions! It is not only an embodiment of a range of women’s experiences expressed poetically, but also the result of generous, skilled poets and artists banding together to help the mission-oriented indie publisher that I founded, Spider Road Press.

Recently, I donated a piece to the Writespace fundraiser anthology, Our Space. I was proud to support this helpful community writing center. Writespace donors were happy to receive the volume, which showcased the writers that Writespace encourages. When I held the book in my hand, a little green lightbulb went off in my brain (what, your mental lightbulbs aren’t green?). To help us forego reading fees, keep contest entry fees low, and pay our staff and designers fairly, Spider Road had planned our own fundraising campaign. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so I asked the always gracious Writespace director, Elizabeth White-Olsen, if I could borrow her idea and curate my own collection connected to Spider Road’s October indiegogo campaign. Wonderful poets generously donated the one-time use of their work, and In the Questions was born.

Editing a poetry collection was a new adventure for me. I haven’t considered poetry submissions since my days as a poetry reader on the staff of The Pitkin Review at Goddard College. There are so many different styles of poetry! My assistant editor Kessika Johnson and I learned a lot through the editorial process. We were lucky to be able to work with experienced copyeditor Lizz Schumer. Some interesting and fun issues arose. Consider poets who intentionally reject standard capitalization and syntax in the style of E.E. Cummings. They presented a fun challenge of balancing quality editing with poetic style.

Exclusive to Spider Road Press, In the Questions marries many distinct voices. It also means a lot to me personally – I feel truly blessed to have worked with the poets and artists involved. Spider Road Press is rewarding supporters who donate $25 or more to our campaign by 11/1/15 with this exciting anthology (among other perks). Please support Spider Road and women writers by donating here:

In The Questions contains many excellent poems, but I want to share one of my favorites, “Hyacinth,” by gifted Vermont writer Eileen M. Brunetto. Enjoy.


She’d set the house ready,

Whisking away winter‘s grime,
She wiped the windows of our souls clean,
Then poured the used-up water on the roots of a backyard forsythia

Lenten offerings made in silence

I recall the bulb, its fragrance like a prayer Leaves firm, pointed toward heaven
A scent not unlike her own
All my springs ever since