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Patricia Flaherty Pagan

Writer of karma fiction in which bad things happen to bad people

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Write, revise, pet the cat, submit, repeat.
Write, revise, pet the cat, submit, repeat.

I submitted a piece of flash fiction that I believe in to several journals and a contest. Nine months ago. Unfortunately, a well-written trendy novel with a very similar title was published five months ago. I received a rejection from one national market. I haven’t heard back from two others. I retitled the story and entered it into a contest. I received a nice response noting my writing skills, but no prize. I almost gave up on my piece.

Then... two weeks ago I received an email accepting the piece! The editors had received it, considered it, and ultimately accepted it based on my original submission on that rainy morning nine months ago. This taught me two lessons. One: Editors are very over-worked and need time to ponder work (as an editor at a small press, I can relate to this). Two: Never give up on a good story! Submitting work is daunting and when the rejections come in, can feel demoralizing. So I say, “Stay stubborn. Keep believing in that piece.”

I am thrilled to share my piece with you below. If you enjoy it, please rate it and feel free to share it. It will also be featured in an upcoming print edition of Dual Coast Magazine. I am very grateful to Dual Coast for this opportunity: