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Patricia Flaherty Pagan

dark Fiction & Poetry 

Guest Blog: Recommended Read by Kessika Johnson



Looking for a book with a unique point of view? Allegorical or not, “Watership Down” is a literary adventure that you won’ forget. Here’s what Spider Road Press staffer Kessika loves about it:

I decided to attend summer school after my junior year of college so my mom wouldn’t learn about my newly acquired tattoo. My plan included plenty of time for fun so I decided to take Adolescent Literature. Adolescent lit should be easy, right? And not take up much time, right? Wrong. I’m glad this was before the days of Twilight because I had the pleasure of discovering Watership Down by Richard Adams, a story about rabbits.

Fiver, Hazel, and the other rabbits are distinct characters, who/which speak the way I imagine a rabbit would if he spoke English. The syntax conveys the size of each rabbit and their standing in the warren. It even makes me imagine the little mouth and nose motion rabbits make.

This novel stands out to me from this summer. I read and reread it. I thought about it when I wasn’t reading it. I recommend it again and again.

 Kessika Johnson is the organizational Goddess who keeps Spider Road Press running smoothly. She also runs her own home organization and de-cluttering service, and raises two awesome boys who like to read. 

Author’s note: This is not a book for children or tweens under 12. The film is definitely not for children under 12, despite being animated. I have still not quite recovered from the day that a substitute teacher showed my 4th grade class a “cartoon about rabbits.” It was  little more intense than any of us anticipated! But it’s a great book for older teens.  -Patricia