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Patricia Flaherty Pagan

dark Fiction & Poetry 


1909844_32102491672_7617_nSummer is a time for canvas beach bags, flip-flops, suitcases, long drives in sandy cars and making memories. In honor of summer trips-across the country to the lake house or across the city to the splash pad, I’m sharing my poem about a truly kind friend who left Jakarta before me and went to live in Vietnam. There are many comforts and adventures in expat life, but also unexpected challenges & confusing encounters, so this poem attempts to encapsulate all my feelings as a sweet and trail-blazing friend moved on to a new posting.


Pack linen, hope and defiance,

Catch swells, heart palms,

Gray grit thieves-

Breathe in jasmine rain.

Shoulders back, standing tall

With grace on the tarmac,

Falling into sweat-stained seats

Cucumber water on your lips,

You forgive

All turbulence.