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Patricia Flaherty Pagan

dark Fiction & Poetry 

A Halloween Poem for Readers & Writers


Happy Halloween, readers, writers & friends!

To celebrate one of my favorite nights of the year, here’s a spooky, new poem. It was inspired by the photo above (thanks to Jerry Shafer).   


Night Ghosts

Carve gourdish ghouls by lamplight,

they shan’t contain our fervor to just one night.

Ancestors dance by bonfires

toast bounty of fall

while door to door the Mummers call.

Lay your feast for your century’s clan,

the veil flutters thin this Samhain.

Children glimpse what adults fear

spirits follow us throughout the year.


-October, 2018

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This poem and all writing on this site is copyright Patricia Flaherty Pagan. Reprint with permission only. Thank you.