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Patricia Flaherty Pagan

dark Fiction & Poetry 

Get Curious About Fiction


Do you love to read short fiction? I know I do! I have a tiny little problem with buying too many collections of short stories, and my TBR pile threatens to fall onto the floor. Fiction fans, I am excited to report that I was invited to join a fun reader’s resource, Curious Fictions.

Curious Fictions connects readers to authors whom they already love, and makes it easy to discover new favorites. Readers can enjoy, “like,” and share stories. They can also tip and subscribe to the writers of tales or serialized novels that move & entertain. One can search stories by genre (from literary fiction to science fiction and fantasy to satire) or by author’s name. It’s easy and cool. I am already subscribing to the work of two writers whom I admire, and I bet I will follow more in the future.

My flash fiction fairy tale, “Lights in the Forest,” is featured on this curated community this month. Check it out. If you enjoy it, please give it a “like” and consider leaving a small tip or subscribing to read one of my stories each month. Why? Because every small tip or subscription is a gift and enables me to take on unpaid projects celebrating readers and writers. This is true of many of the other talented folks on Curious Fictions, and I encourage you to explore and find your literary clan. Enjoy my Grimm tale:

Thanks for helping me spread the word about my fairy tale and the world of Curious Fictions, wonderful readers!

Picture from the painting The Maid with the Yellow Hair by Frederic Leighton (public domain use).