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Patricia Flaherty Pagan

Writer of karma fiction in which bad things happen to bad people

Fiction Exploding Into Images



Seeing your words explode into images on the canvas is truly thrilling! When the pictures words conjure in my mind sync with the vision of a painter or collage artist, a warm flame fills my heart. This fall I was honored to be a part of the Art and Words Show that is curated by SFF author Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam. Honored is the word!

I have collaborated with talented paper artists Lee Steiner before, and it was a wonderful experience! Art and Words stands out though, as a beautiful moment of an artist interpreting my words intuitively (we never spoke-she simply selected my story and painted the image it inspired in her.) My endless praise and gratitude go out to Suedabeh Ewing for her fantastic painting, “Lights in the Forest.” I hope to continue working with varied artists to bridge fiction and visual art.

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