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Patricia Flaherty Pagan

dark Fiction & Poetry 

New Flash Fiction Inspired by Alaska



Travel awakens the muse. My recent, bucket-list trip to Alaska has inspired me to begin sharing my flash fiction here again. From Juneau’s coastal beauty to Denali National Park’s defiant, wild peaks, Alaska was worth every penny saved and mile flown. She shared many stories… and inspired a few of mine…


Gray coat blending with the brush of the tundra, you creep towards your prey in summer’s lengthened twilight. Ravens alight. Marmots quiver. Instinctively, we wrap our arms around our sons and daughters, and slowly retreat in the direction of the camp. We crave the safety of our own pack.

I can’t look away. The beauty of your fur invites me. I am breathless to catch a glimpse of you in the fading evening sunlight, my cunning, panting Aurora Borealis. I could reach for the cell phone camera nestled in the back pocket of my Levi’s. But I’ll remember you in my heart.

Your power reminds me of swaying hips, fringed brown leather boots, and Prince erupting from the stereo. I smile. For once I too was wild and free.


Fiction copyright 2019 Patricia Flaherty Pagan. Photograph by CAndersonTX.