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Patricia Flaherty Pagan

Writer of karma fiction in which bad things happen to bad people

Happy Book Birthday to A Compelling Collection



I’m delighted to announce the publication today of “Approaching Footsteps-” four suspenseful novellas that add up to one compelling read! Don’t miss these four tales by award-winning women writers. Get your copy today for $16 from Spider Road Press’s website or Amazon. Or download the Kindle ebook for only $2.99! Editing this suspenseful anthology was a busy and fun experience for this writer mama.

Poor some tea, settle into your favorite cozy chair, and get ready for a fun read. These four compelling novellas by women will keep you guessing! Best-selling novelist Donna Hill spins a gripping tale of desperation and danger in “136 Auburn Lane.” Author Jennifer Leeper puts a unique spin on noir fiction in “The Reiger File.” In “A Night with Kali,” writer & scholar Rita Banerjee blends a story of two unlikely allies trapped in a monsoon with a tale of murder and magic. In the historical novella “Brave Enough to Follow,” debut writer Megan Stuessloff tells the story of an interracial couple and the deadly price they must pay for freedom.

What more could you want? As a bonus, team Spider Road Press included the he highlights of Spider Road Press’ recent flash fiction contests. I know you’ll enjoy moving pieces like “Brigida” by Kate Spitzmiller. As always, five percent of the proceeds from this collection benefit rape crisis and veterans’ charities.

Get your copy from Spider Road Press or Amazon today: 

Thanks for supporting women writers!

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