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Patricia Flaherty Pagan

Writer of karma fiction in which bad things happen to bad people

Poet Spotlight: T. Haven Morse

Flooded By cover photo


Do you love evocative poetry? I am pleased to know poet T. Haven Morse, and I’m excited to tell you about her new book, “Flooded By: A Persona Poetry Collection.”

This unique read contains interesting glimpses into the psyches and souls of sixty emotionally driven individuals. People filled with anger, jealousy, joy, and wonder. I sat down with T. Haven Morse to learn more about it…

Tell me, T. Haven, what planted the seed in your mind for this moving and ambitious collection? 

When I woke up last Christmas morning, poetry gushing forth, something felt different. This wasn’t the run-of-the-mill way my muse typically visited me. She promised something extra special this time. And she didn’t disappoint.

Twenty themes and sixty poems later, I stand at the edge of the release date of Flooded By with sweaty palms, a somersaulting stomach, and a stupid grin on my face. This is happening. My poetry collection—that didn’t even exist four months ago—is being published. Honest-to-God, it’s going to be for sale on Amazon!

As excited as I am for myself, as the writer, I’m equally as ecstatic for the sixty people in print and the readers afforded the opportunity to meet and connect with them. People like Adina, who kicks off the book, sucking us into the rush of adrenaline she gets when jumping off a cliff. Or Samuel, a multiple personality psychotic, trying to make sense of his anger and battling the voice of “Herbert” inside his head.

There’s also Trevor and Sarah Jane, whose poems make me cry every time I read them. No joke, every single time. Sorrow is where we find Trevor, who’s lost in the moment when he first sees the news footage, knowing his daddy works in “one of those giant towers”. Sarah Jane, Trevor’s first grade teacher, pipes up immediately, wrapping us in trembling arms of sympathy for him. Her closing words grab me by the heart and throat every time. “He’s just a little boy. Just a little boy.”

Can you tell I’m beyond excited and in love which each of them, even the ones that aren’t exactly likeable? Cough, cough – wait till you meet Sasha. If you have an ounce of a heart, you’ll h-a-t-e her. I’ll just mention one more then leave you to decide if you want to meet the rest.

Hallal. Keep an open mind with her. She’s a century-old vampire with dwarfism. Tiny but mighty. She may only be four-feet tall but her words and her teeth still pack a six-foot tall punch. There isn’t an ounce of timidity in her. And I think you’ll love her, like I do.

Get your own copy of Flooded By: A Persona Poetry Collection from Amazon on March 11. Visit the Bountiful Balcony Books website for more info on me, T. Haven Morse, and my literary labor of love.

After you snag your copy, please consider leaving me a review on Goodreads or Amazon. They’re the lifeblood for writers these days and can make or break our success. Thanks!

Keep writing. Keep reading. Keep feeling.

This collection will be perfect to read and/or gift for National Poetry Month in April! Get your copy on March 11th.